Stretch or Strain Arm Band Exercises

While a top 12 finalist for the Miss South Africa 2016 competition, health and fitness guru Lisa Raleigh asked us to change one thing – the way we thought about exercise. Simple. Right.
My excuse has always been that I am too busy to truly commit to working out every single day. Yet, a minor correcting in my sentence construction helped me realise the uncomfortable truth. Instead of saying: “I don’t have time for this,” rather say: “This is not a priority for me.” Because if you are not making time for something, then it is by default not a priority. Ouch. I know.
Alas, my solution has been quick and easy toning exercises that I do on the days when a proper workout seems more painful than watching a Donald Trump speech.
One of my favourites is the use of a stretch band which you can buy at any Discheme, for instance, for around R150. Stretch band exercises are part of a global move towards simple, repetitive exercises that deeply target areas never before reached.
The key is to make sure you are working every area of your body and to “just-keep-swimming” i.e. keep repeating the exercise because when the burn hits, it is worth it!
1 – Curtsy and extend 
Always pull your core in for balance and make sure you are taking it slow enough to really work the muscles. Don’t use momentum.
 Reps: 25 per leg

Band 4

2 – Hip Flexes
Otherwise called, do not make eye-contact with anyone while executing this motion. A little on the kinky side, this exercise is great for squeezing that butt and strengthening the abs. When you reach the stop squeeze and hold for 5 seconds. Do not just drop bum to ground, but remain in control throughout. Remember feet should be flexed. Toes never touching ground, this ensures the calves also get a workout.
 Reps: 50
Band 5


3 – Standing Pull Up
Keep that core tight so that it is a standing up crunch. Ensure that the stretch band is short enough and has enough resistance to help you achieve your Cameron Diaz arms.
Reps: 50
Band 3
More Fit and Fine workouts to follow.
bye for now
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Exercises: Shape

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Instagram: @mikaelaoosthuizen Twitter: @smilemikaela Miss South Africa 2016 Finalist BA Media Communication and Culture student Miss SA Teen 2010 (youngest ever title holder and first from Port Elizabeth)

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