Day 2 5FM Internship- PR and Radio with Gilda

Throughout the week, Station Manager Justine Cullinan has reiterated that everything is a Public Relations (PR) moment. We spoke to the PR Queen herself, Gilda, who advised us on relationships within the industry.

Gilda studied journalism and print media and then journeyed into PR within the entertainment industry. “The basis of PR has always been relationships – never take any person for granted.”

“As big as Johannesburg is, this industry is very small. People and your relationships with them can either make or break you.” It is because of these relationships that stretch across South Africa, that exciting projects such as the Heritage Tour by Hammon Time crew featured interviews with Nick Hammon by media and press in every corner of South Africa visited. “We aim to make sure 5FM is consistently relevant throughout the country.”

When asked about the relationship between PR and radio, Gilda noted that “at the very core, 5FM makes good radio, PR is just about getting that message across.” Exciting upcoming PR projects include podcast focuses by Kyle Cassim (broadcasting from his kitchen) and Sibs Mathiyela who will discuss issues surrounding being woke. “There is only so much space on radio, podcasts create that extra broadcast time,” explains Gilda.

Published by Mikaela Oosthuizen

Instagram: @mikaelaoosthuizen Twitter: @smilemikaela Miss South Africa 2016 Finalist BA Media Communication and Culture student Miss SA Teen 2010 (youngest ever title holder and first from Port Elizabeth)

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