Cover Star for Your Family Mag


I am so proud to be on the cover of Your Family Magazine’s โ€œFell Goodโ€ issue. I know that in life we are all tying to look like a snack (but end up eating them), but the key is to feel good in the skin that you are in. I could not have chosen a better message (or brighter background) for my first ever cover. Here are some highlights behind the scenes:

image002 (2)

Getting ready for any shoot, every model knows a few of the old tricks: do a face scrub the night before to get rid of old skins / keep any nail polish neutral enough to match whatever outfit is thrown on you / tone and tan everything. The morning of the shoot I always ensure I use some eye-drop liquid, this makes the white of your eyes brighter and instantly make you look more awake. The key is to always be early (because this PE girl often gets lost in the big city), but seriously, Caxton Mag Studios (where Your Family and other magazines are housed), is a maze so I made sure to get there early.

Photo: IG @suzanne_sesinkclee (stylist) IG @adellejung (makeup artist)

Always value your team. I had worked with these gorgeous and talented ladies on a previous, much smaller shoot for Your Family (see some pics below).


Your Family Mag Mikaela O

It is amazing that even in a massive industry, connections that are made can assist your career. Working with these women was as fun as it was last time – only this time it was for a cover! Be faithful in the small things (the “small shoots”), you never know who will remember your work ethic and suggest you for the cover.

The styling was kept very natural with Your Family focusing on enhancing the natural beauty of women – both on its cover and within its magazine. The team explained that they loved the essence of “ME” and so wanted to capture my crazy curl and unapologetically loud laugh as best they good. Photographer IG @dylan_swart was able to do exactly that and when he heard that yellow was my favourite colour – he knew that the background for this issue, my first cover, simply had to be yellow. The cherry on top was a visit from Your Family Mag editor herself Janine Collins. (IG @janinepics).

A huge thank you to this magazine and my agency Ice Models Jhb for pushing my dream as hard as I am. Every visit with my agents leaves me feeling more confident in my own skin – a rarity in this industry. Grab the issue and let me know what you think!

Untitled design (96)

Check out my reflection of #PresenterSearchOn3 first round:ย

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