ROCKING it at City Rock Indoor Rock Climbing


When the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg city life gets overwhelming, it is great to know that there is an adventure paradise not too far away. I experienced first hand the thrill of indoor rock climbing at the acclaimed Johannesburg CITY ROCK.


With a combination of flexibility, balance, stamina and strength, rock climbing is a great way to work out your whole body.


Indoor rock climbing provides the perfect entry point into this adventurous activity with cutting edge equipment that ensures the perfect combination of thrilling challenges and sustained safety.

Whether you are a beginner or pro, there’s a place for you to play and challenge yourself, with auto belay routes for single and beginner’s courses for double attendees.


If you aren’t familiar with a jug, pocket, crimp, pinch, undercling and sloper or haven’t got the faintest idea what a figure of eight knotw should look like, have no fear, the qualified instructors provide hands on training to help you ROCK it!

5With full day passes and even full time membership available, City Rock is the best way to indulge your inner child while facing your fears.

Find out more at:


Published by Mikaela Oosthuizen

Instagram: @mikaelaoosthuizen Twitter: @smilemikaela Miss South Africa 2016 Finalist BA Media Communication and Culture student Miss SA Teen 2010 (youngest ever title holder and first from Port Elizabeth)

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