Conquering the Dunes with Wacky Wipeouts JBay Sandboarding


What a fantastic afternoon conquering the #JBay sand dunes with Wacky Wipeouts. Whether you are wanting to zap some energy out of the kids and get them to tire themselves out, or are wanting a fun date-day idea out in nature, Wacky Wipeouts is the go-to for fun in the sand and sun.


The first step is to thoroughly wax your board with a generous amount of wax. The instructor was extremely helpful and explained why mixing a bit of sand along with the wax is important for the perfect slipper/stick combination.


When balancing on the board, the trick is to put as much weight as possible on the back leg (as illustrated in the photo this would be my left leg). The front leg is then used for steering. After a while I had truly mastered the stand up position and went on to have many laughs gliding down the dunes sitting on my bum and lying on my stomach.


Each person has their own board with an unlimited amount of turns down the dunes – however many you can squeeze into the two hour session. This proved to be more than enough time as the journey up the dune each time was quite a workout.


An exciting way to get the heart-rate up and enjoy the beauty of the Jeffrey’s Bay coastline – I will be sure to return and hang-ten again soon!

Photo: Chad Witbooi 

bye for now



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