Stretching and Strengthening at Yoga in the Park at Emmarentia Dam

After a busy week in the hustle-and-bustle of Johannesburg, I craved nothing more to move my body and be immersed in nature. The Yoga Works Yoga-in-the-Park at Emmarentia Dam proved the perfect opportunity for this.


I started off my morning with a jog around Emmarentia Dam with its well-kept facilities, lush greenery and charming little ducks. My fellow Joburgers that had discovered this well-kept secret included many a team of rowers as well as numerous dog lovers. I am the first to admit that I am not the most balanced babe, nor the most supple sister, and so I knew that yoga would stretch and strengthen me in new ways – boy was I not disappointed!


 Upon joining the 30 or so Yoga in the Park group members, I was greeted with friendly smiles and a bright yoga mat. What followed was a 90 minute yoga flow class, kicking off with a gentle warm up, core work, active sequences with standing and balancing poses, and concluding with a final relaxation session. From downward dogs to curved cobras, I was pleasantly surprised at what my body was able to achieve when guided correctly. It was clear that any age and strength level was welcome, with a separate class being conducted not far from us for kid yoga!
The glistening Emmarentia dam proved the ideal studio for a yoga class focused on the practice of mindfulness. The 9am timing was perfect with the sun’s rays lightly warming my body as I strengthened and lengthened under the guidance of international yoga master Steven.
If you ever need to find me on a sunny Sunday, it will be under the yellow wood tree at Yoga in the Park!
Go on – try it!

Tel: 0728352525



bye for now


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