Girl Power at Stoke City Adventure Park Cable Queens


The Stoke City Adventure Park Cable Queens Saturday proved a massive success as ladies enjoyed some girl-powered wake boarding fun at the beautiful Stoke City Adventure Park.


“We wanted to create a non-intimidating environment for ladies to come out and gain confidence on the water. Often we just need a little extra encouragement to get us over the first hurdle” says Chantal of Stoke City Adventure Park.


This ladies only session is hosted on the first Saturday of every month, but don’t worry guys – the adventure park is available on all other days. The morning started off with delicious cappuccinos and a breakfast platter which the ladies enjoyed together as we were briefed in on the activities for the morning.


What is great about the Stoke City Adventure Park is the state-of-the-art cable system that they have, meaning no boats are used – this is referred to as “flat water skiing” and, in Chantal’s words, “the chances of face planting are less.” One simply holds onto the handle of the two tower cable (this is for when you start out as it takes you both forward and backward with a deep water start in the water) or the main cable (which has a five tower cable system where you start off the dock).


I started off at the two tower cable and with expert instructors who guided me through the speaker system embedded in the helmet I wore, I easily transitioned to the main cable. The key is to avoid pulling the Β cable forward with your own strength, as is your instinct, but rather letting the cable pull you up slowly. From this front facing position you then pivot to turn so that your left leg is angled in the front and your right at the back. This is done by lowering your arms holding the handle and bringing it to your left hip which automatically causes the board to adjust.


When needing a break, we enjoyed some fun in the sun on the Aqua Park floating obstacle course, complete with a trampoline and climbing wall. With the ability to host over 5000 people (as was done when the Stoke City Adventure Park hosted theΒ  first ever WARRIOR race in South Africa), braai facilities and many child-friendly options –Β  the opportunities for entertainment are endless.


Outfit: LFT FIT Gym Wear

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