Horse Riding in Port Alfred at 3 Sisters Horse Trails

There are over 60 million horses in the world, and on a sunny afternoon on the picturesque beaches of Port Alfred, I got to ride one of them. The Three Sisters Horse Trails was the perfect place to ease into equestrian activities and it made my horse riding experience an overwhelmingly pleasant one. For locals and tourists alike, this is a must-do activity when visiting Port Alfred.

Horse Riding

Situated, between Kleinemonde and Port Alfred, 3 Sisters Horse Trails is a long standing establishment that has brought joy to people from all walks of life, all ages, all weights and all physical abilities. Horse riding at 3 Sisters Horse Trails is a must-do when visiting Port Alfred as it offers access to a part of the Sunshine Coast that is unparalleled. The experienced team at 3 Sisters Horse Trails were pleasant and professional from start to finish with prompt responses, friendly instructors and a welcoming atmosphere.

The Journey

We started off selecting our horses and then our horse trio of Allegro, Cassie and Hunter set off into the bushes of Port Alfred and Kleinmond where we soon passed a quaint pond and then proceeded to the breathtaking beach. Seeing the white sand, sparkling water and blue skies from atop a majestic animal gently cruising through the bay, was a most memorable moment. The journey provided a full hour’s worth of entertainment as we went up and down the sand dunes, through the forest and along the seaside, eventually ending back at the 3 Sisters Horse stables.

Healing Horses – Therapy Horse Riding

Much has been written about the therapeutic qualities of horses, from their calming presence, to the effect that they have on intellectually- or socially-challenged persons. My sister, being special-needs, has always loved horses and so this horse riding experience proved the perfect gift for her birthday. She was most comfortable atop Allegro, who seemed to be the most patient of riding partners, with a gentle pace and a calm response to Minette. I was most thrilled to hear about the “Healing Horses” horse riding therapy classes offered at 3 Sisters Horse Trails with a network of over 30 special skills riders (from autism to being physically handicapped in some way).

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