Leaders in Marketing at the Futuretech Future Network

Futuretech Media has long been seen as a leader in the marketing landscape and so when the time came to celebrate the top women in marketing, they effortlessly took on the task. As a result, the Futuretech Future Network was launched with the unified message of being For Women and By Women.

The evening was a combination of formal and informal moments of inspiration and networking. The event took place in the extravagantly adorned new offices of Futuretech. Speakers included Sadika Fakir of Tiger Brands, Koo Govender of Dentsu Aegis, Kagiso Musi of Meta Media , Zintle Botha of ZX Ventures and AB InBev as well as Dr Bhabha Aesthetics, with each speaker sharing personal anecdotes about their career journeys and the lessons they learnt in their rise to the top. Although each speakers’ career route is unique, their message of unwavering dedication to excellence was similar.

Career Journeys

The methods of getting into the industry for some speakers was less than conventional. Kagiso Musi stumbled into the world of marketing as if by fate. After heading in to the AAA School of Advertising building to collect a signup form for her cousin who was interested in studying advertising, she accidently joined a touring group of prospective students at AAA after the team confused her with a Katlego who had been scheduled to join the tour on the day. After receiving a bursary for a course at AAA that very same week, she left her plans to study dentistry and hasn’t turned back since.

The career direction of some of the speakers also took them by surprise. Sadika Fakir of Tiger Brands, always swore that she would never be in corporate (she hated banks and FMCG), having come from an agency background which she affectionately calls her “skinny jeans” days. Despite her reservations about the corporate space, she has ended up at both Nedbank and FNB and currently heads up one of the largest FMCG consumables segments in South Africa in her position at Tiger Brands – experiences which she has loved!

Work – Life Balance

“We need to know what to prioritise. My career is a rubber ball, if it falls, it bounces back, but my family is my crystal ball, and if that drops it shatters,” says Koo Govender of Dentsu Aegis . Another key insight according to Sadika Fakir, is to include your family in your goal setting activities. “My husband and I have score cards for ourselves and we set KPI’s for ourselves at the beginning of each year which we sign off on.” This ensures that your family members become your accountability partners for growing into the best version of yourself.

Women in Business

“I learnt early on that you don’t have to act like a man to prove that you deserve a seat at the table. Sometimes you can attract more people with honey than vinegar, aggression is not always the most effective” says Zintle Botha of ZX Ventures (a division of AB InBev).

Being Intentional About our Time and our Decisions

“We need to learn the power of being fully PRESENT” said Koo Govender, “there is a power that comes from giving your full attention to a task, to a person, in a meeting.” This was echoed by Kagiso Musi of Meta Media who stressed the importance of DELIBERATE decisions, not allowing life to sway us here and there, but in everything we do to have made a purposeful and deliberate reason for choosing that direction. Having said that, she warns women not to be afraid to change that direction. “Women contain multitudes” says Kagiso. This is supported by Zintle Botha who believes that “we have the right to reinvent ourselves, we can start again as many times as we want.”

With attendance by Nandi Madida, a private performance by Shekhinah, gourmet food by Ozzy’s Kitchen, dΓ©cor by Fab Functions by Nadia and luxury goodies from Fleur De La Vie, Cashmere Natural Skincare as well as Estee Lauder, this was an evening fit for the titans of industry which these ladies represented.

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