Marching Allegro at #COSMOHustle17 Career Workshop

In music circles, the term “Allegro” refers to a quick music tempo, whilst also describing brisk and lively movements in ballet. After witnessing her in action at the #COSMOHustle entrepreneur workshop, it is clear that Allegro does indeed march to the beat of her own – fast paced – drum.

 A Forbes Africa top 30 under 30 candidate, Allegro Dinkwanyane started her brain child, Orgella Media (as inspired by Oprah’s Harpo) at 21 years old. What started as an entertainment blog has now diversified into an array of portfolios including public relations (PR), charity and property divisions. “Purposefully choosing to pursue my passion and start my business at age 21 has been challenging but so worth it. It irritates me that young people see Fridays as Christmas, because that is how much they dislike their jobs. I went into the industry with the intention to learn and then remove the L and EARN.” And earn she has!

 When asked what the greatest secret of entrepreneurship is, Allegro smiles as she confesses “you will go broke – initially.” That being said, she laments, the fact that most people use a lack of funding as an excuse for not following through on their idea. “You need to be ready to invest in yourself before anyone else does. However, that doesn’t mean breaking the bank – I started my company with R7000. You need to ask yourself whether what you claim to be budgeting for is really something you need. By identifying and prioritising what needs capital first, the list of expenses will be less daunting.” One such an area is office space. Allegro admits that for the first two years she ran her company from a coffee shop with free wifi. By also taking the emphasis away from finances, you protect yourself from the pitfalls of forced financial partnerships. “Don’t just involve anyone just because they have money. Often they end up being your downfall.” Allegro also warns against living beyond your means when you do start earning those randellas. “Often debt occurs because you are trying to keep up with the Joneses – learn to trust the journey of yourself.”


 A further issue of female entrepreneurship is the age old Queen Bee Syndrome. “We cannot afford to be territorial. Sharing ideas is our power. I myself am a product of mentorship and that is why my company runs the Boss Chiq mentorshipprogrammes.” Mentorship is a powerful tool that is taking on many different forms in the modern era. For example, it does not only have to happen face to face. “Reading your rolemodel’s biographical book could teach you just as much about their journey as an hour long coffee date.

Still wishing you heard her talk? Here are her top tips for a basic of a business plan:

  • Summarise the services your company is providing.

  • Research the industry and identify your target market.

  • Outline objectives of the business.

  • State why you need money and how it will be used.

  • Introduce the team you have or the team that you will need to put together

You know what they say, behind every successful woman is herself. Thank you to Allegro for being a sister who is doing it for herself and is paving the way for others to do the same.

bye for now


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