Day 2 5FM Internship- Production Assistant Lisa Morgan

The morning of day 2 was kicked off with the sweet Lisa Morgan, senior production assistant, who provided some context on programming. Lisa’s journey to her current position reads like the CV of many. After studying radio, journalism and sales at Boston Media House, she worked in various areas such as news reading, music compiling and many more at community radio stations. “The road is long and hard, my first job I got paid about R500 a month which barely covered petrol.”

Since joining the 5FM team in 2013 as a senior production assistant, Lisa admits that she seldom gets a full nights sleep. “I have to ensure that there are voices on air so I am on standby 24/7 to deal with any emergency replacements. As all presenters are freelance, they can all be contacted at any stage to cover for someone. As listeners are used to 5FM family voices, we only use 5FM set presenters and never compromise on our standards. We build up a select group from young so that should they need to stand in, listeners are familiar with them to some degree.”

Her other role involves handling payments for presenters and once again warns that due to the freelance nature of the industry it is key to diversify. “No work. No pay.” When asked what her least favourite part of the job is, Lisa notes that dealing with egos gets irritating. “We aim to hire presenters with good followings so that we can convert your followers into our listeners. But even though you have a high profile, presenters need to keep in mind that they report to management at the end of the day.” The close-knit 5FM family is clearly built on relationships of mutual respect, all aiming to promote the legendary 5FM brand.

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