Mikaela Oosthuizen is an expert on women and leadership, the multigenerational workplace and the role of authenticity in online identities. Her young age makes her relatable to audiences of all ages, yet her extensive experience ensures her talks include subject matter expertise, up-to-date facts, a youthful vantage point, as well as entertaining storytelling and actionable advice. Her audiences range from teenagers navigating their online identities on social media, to front-line managers and entry-level talent adapting to the needs of a multigenerational workforce.


Often called a โ€œtranslator,โ€ her years of work with the Businesswomenโ€™s Association Student Chapter enables her to guide young women entering the workforce, as well as presents courses to corporates on how to make the workplace more youth and women inclusive. As a Mandela Rhodes Scholar, she has adapted her years of accurate academic research into practical custom-made courses that educate and entertain audiences.

7Born in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth, Mikaela has worked within the media and marketing industry across the African continent where she discovered the importance of Personal Brand and its impact on business, career progression and personal life.

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